Happy feels good

things that make me happier:

good hair days
banana chocolate chip muffins
kisses/lovey hellos&goodbyes from Janny Boy
pants that aren’t too tight/too loose
starting a new journal (so crisp~)
funny snapchats from Jess
a good morning mix (currently playing: siriusXMU radio)

And today is a good-mood kind of day. Thursdays are usually good because the middle of the week is over-onward to the weekend, AND I have yoga w/ Roberta and the other preggo ladies (which is a perk in my week).

Last week was not-so-goodfeeltimes, because I was having “crampy” issues and was at the doctor/off work a few days. Turned out alright, and yes, I’ll admit Jan was right– Doc said I need to “take it easy”. Apparently, being pregnant means you’re not supposed to do manual labor/strain yourself or get overly stressed (ie: shovel snow, lift/carry heavy objects up and down stairs, worry about all the things, etc). The pain I was having was in my lower, left abdomen and sometimes on both lower sides. Doc said that it was either ligament pain from my insides/outsides stretching to giant size, overworking my body, and/or stress. I have to coach myself out of dwelling on worrisome thoughts. But it is difficult…My mind goes on and on: is Ollie getting enough of my attention? Does the dog hate me? Did I switch laundry? I shouldn’t have snapped and yelled like that. I apologize all the time. Everyone thinks I’m always mad. Am I a downer now? Am I the worst? Does this baby think I am crazy? I need to nap, but there are dishes in the sink. I should read more books. The house is filthy- I need to vacuum, mop, paint, clean CLEAN. My house is forever unclean…
See? I am exhausting.

At prenatal yoga last week, we discussed obsessive thoughts. #APPROPRIATE
Every single woman in that class has the same/similar worries as I do! It was so uplifting to feel like I fit in (which, duh, we are all pregnant and hormonal so #besties). And it was such a relief, too. Finally…someone GETS it. And having this invisible weight lifted from my mind (the one marked “CRAZY LADY”) was l i b e r a t i n g. I feel lighter (which, for a woman who is nearing the 3rd trimester, feels lovely). I feel I can focus more on things that actually matter, like being happy and growing this baby, and easily dismiss stressful thoughts. All of these happy feels thanks to a small group of pregnant ladies who made me feel less like a schizophrenic and more like a strong, capable, miracle-growing woman. I recommend any pregnant woman to join in with another pregnant woman/women for chit chats and motivation and happy thoughts. Because for a lady like myself, surrounded by boys, having that support, camaraderie and input really, REALLY helps.

SEW (buttons) ~> aside from this week’s bitter cold weather, I can not complain. Life is good. Jan and Ollie are good (Oliver is having a WAY better week than last week). And food is good.

PS: Chinese New Year prediction for yours truly…

1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009
It may seem to some as if nothing ever bothers you but that just shows what great self-control you possess. But when romance comes knocking this year — and it will — your emotions are likely to go haywire. Once your affections have been engaged there can be no turning back — the Ox mates for life. (-TRUEEEEE)

General prediction: 1/5 stars

Overview: Unexpected outcomes.

It isn’t a very wonderful year for those born under the zodiac sign of Bull, as you may meet some difficulties in almost all aspects of your life. However, you have to keep your spirits up, and be cautious when it comes to decision-making. As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race: this how you should take on the year. Be careful of what you say or post online, it might trigger unnecessary altercations. As long as you take a positive approach, this seemingly bad year can be reasonably stable for you too. (-thinking positive, guys!!!!)

Love and relationships: 3/5 stars

Cupid is looking in your direction and single Bulls will meet many potential lovers. However, it may also be a headache when too many of them appear at the same time. Be responsible and careful when dealing with them. For those who are attached, your relationship will be tested. Hold on to the trust and confidence you have in your partner, for this will be to key to overcome any obstacles in your relationship (Janny Boy is my ROCK*). Married Bulls, be extra careful. There might be a third party attempting to interfere with your marriage, but be smart in handling the situation and avoid cold wars with your spouse. Communicate with your partner and your marriage will be fine in your own hands.

hold on chick: bumpy ride ahead

IMG_6183 BUMPIE … & my boys- “pancakes with Pop” at Ollie’s school