My first month as a Linnberg

Just about a month ago, Jan and I married with our toes in the sand! A whole MONTH already! And it took a month to get my name officially changed- paperwork, and lines and mail and paperwork and fees and waiting. But I made it. Came out the other side a Linnberg. Ash Linnberg. Ashley Linnberg. Mrs. Linnberg. …WEEEIRD. A little neat, but still weird. Wondering when speaking it out loud and using the phrase “my husband” will feel normal. Speaking of- my husband and I have been living the good married life and haven’t found reasons to kill each other. #marriedAF Every morning is a fresh one. Fresh snuggles and fresh eggs and fresh kisses and hugs. He claims marriage makes everything better, too. The way his clothes fit, the air, the food, house chores…everything is BETTER. Can’t argue him. I get better every damn day. ZING!

It’s almost June now, and school is coming to a close. Oliver is pumped! And *I* will have a FOURTH GRADER on my hands. Yeesh. The summer for our family will be packed with weekends outdoors, weekday park and pool trips, playdates, yoga, and family stuff. I intend on making more trips to the farm for hangs (both Linnberg and Olson farms), and having cook outs regularly. We may spend our days feeding ducks and going for walks and swimming or playgrounding. I want to get to the family museum every once and a while, too. Just so many THINGS I have planned, and only 12 weeks to do it all. On top of kid and family plans, I’m making personal goals for ME. I want and need to revisit my yoga books from school. Study up and learn and apply. I also have some books to read on deepening my yoga practice and spiritual connection shit that I am hoping is more “good vibes” than “praise the lord”. But if you know me and books, my track record for finishing a book is no bueno. Unless it is about magic and mythology #wishmeluck

Arthur, my nephew, is turning ONE already in less than a week! #T I M E F L I E S * and Frank will be TWO in a a couple weeks. We are throwing him a dinosaur/ Jurassic Park themed party! Kind of excited to decorate and bake and host. I really don’t mind it, and our house isn’t THAT bad at hosting our brood of fam and friends. Planning on it being outside with a blow up pool to splash in, piñata, games, and cupcakes! I mean, the kid is turning 2…the party is really for me, right?

summing it all up: life is good.

Can not complain much, even though I do. My family is happy and healthy. We have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. I have great friends, amazing kids, and a husband who truly LOVES me. So yeah.. hashtag blessed.

PS*** tooting my yoga horn*** check out my class schedule and come to a class or two or three or ETC



on hold

It seems that the life we were living has stopped in a way. Paused. Sure, time is moving. The kids get baths and dinner and go to school [mostly] on-time, the chores and to-dos continue on. But the real bits (the shared “us” bits) are on hold.
Bummer: Every “free” moment I find is without him. The moments before sleep are spent missing his voice and tiny kisses. Every movie watched, every lazy Sunday, every joke made, every night in is without him … they are all moments we aren’t making memories together.
Upside: We only have 6-ish weeks left of this!  The end of November and the entirety of December were the worst weeks, but NOW! Now it is all downhill and I can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I am quite overjoyed! I lay awake at night thinking about that moment when I get to see him again. The moment, I imagine,  where I run up to him, lunge and jump into his DREAMBOAT arms, breathe him in/shower him with a million kisses all over his face, and wipe my happy tears all over his cheeks. Just like the opening scene in Love Actually, it will be perfect.  It will be such a relief! I’ve been thinking about it for weeks… And it is just around the corner!
* * * * *

Things in my brain:
-I really want to write (in my journal) more consistently *bullet journaling?
-Oliver starts basketball next week…on top of piano lessons, gymnastics, and school. Gotta get on my mom A-game
-Frank is talking all.the.time. He babbles on and on about who knows what a lot of the time, but also will repeat what you ask him to say-dangerous and hilarious
-I started watching Mozart in the Jungle (per Courtney) and am in love
-I cleaned the floors, walls, tables, laundries and kitchen today… I FEEL AMAZING. There is nothing quite like sitting down with a beer after going berserk on your house with broom and clorox. That, and I really enjoy the smell of these scentsy cubes (I think I am using a eucalyptus one now) #recommend
-I ate a slice of pizza in my bed last night…first time since college, I’m sure. It felt good.
-I’m co-hosting a prenatal yoga challenge on IG starting Monday, and I implore anyone who loves yoga challenges to join! It is exciting, and I can personally attribute yoga to helping me ease through my pregnancy and delivery…
-I have started this mantra/affirmation kind of thing that I tell myself in the mornings and throughout the day. So far, minimal return. But I am sticking with it because I want to and I think it will ultimately sink in. I set intention not just on my yoga mat, because I INTEND to be a more patient person. Patient and clear-minded. I hope to make this year one that is full of joy and positivity and strength. No more negative shit. NONE!
-Is it possible for me to live more minimalistically? <- is that not a word? As a mother and homemaker, I am so aware of all the THINGS we have accumulated. Looking just in front of me: toys (so. many. god damn toys.), DVDs, shoes, clothes… Stuff! Lots of stuff I am SURE there is plenty we have that I could donate/get rid of and no one would notice. I just wonder how one starts. I’ve already purged my closets and dumped 2 trash bags of clothes, etc off. I know I have more to clear out, too… Just a thought.

Jan and I are MARRYING April 14th in Mexico! Can not WAIT to celebrate with my love and all of our good friends!

Maybe in the cold, cold snow 

Hello, it’s me.

Windy days seem longer with the weather shifting. Fall turning air colder and I hear the wind whistling through the cracks between the front door. Snow is coming soon. And I know that means more…More indoor time. More play dates. More yoga. More things to occupy my mind. Or more time to dwell on Jan. My beloved. My FIANCÉ!

He is away at the most snuggly time of the year. My head swirls with thoughts. With worry. With what ifs.

What if we won’t recognize each other? When this change ends, and we come back to us. What if he is all “fitness model, beach body Ken” and I’m like “plus-size, mommy-needs-more-wine Barbie” in yoga pants? Surely he will wanna make out! Yeah?…I mean, mom butts prevail, right?! #marryme

What if he looks at me differently? 6 months feels longer than 6 months. Will he love me more? Can he? Should I work harder? I haven’t cooked scrambled eggs since he left. Do I need to send more photos and videos of the boys?  Is he really okay? Do I really need to lose 15lbs? What else do I have to obsess over…

What if I break down? What do I do *when* I break down? Because it happens. Is that normal? Is that ok? Does he do the same? Does he cry when the weight feels heavy on his chest? Or does he go run/lift for the 2nd time in the day? Does he listen to Bob Iver radio?? I LOVE BON IVER. #nojudgement. I love re-watching Tumbledown and Like Crazy and Broken English…so what? Does he think about our wedding?  Does he know about happenings? Does he think I’m safe? And is he worried Don Trump is gonna grab all the pussies before he comes back? Ew. Sorry… but serious. Does he know I can handle this but have my moments? IM A LADY WITH REAL EMOTIONS!

I know I’m not alone in my thoughts. And I know things could be exponentially worse. But still-it would be nice to share these feelings &  confide in someone without being told I’m “looking for pity”. It would be nice to be human, and miss my best friend (him being gone by choice or not), without being told I’m crazy. No one knows how this feels until they are in this exact place. And no one should be able to make me feel more alone. Anyone who thinks they know how this feels/is, doesn’t. Unless they have this happen to them. It doesn’t matter if Jan is my friend, my boyfriend, my fiancé or my husband… no title changes how we feel about each other. No title comforts me when I’m sobbing into a pillow at 2am because I had a bad dream and he’s not there to shush me back to sleep. A title can’t hold your hand or hug and kiss you. You see? It doesn’t matter what Jan is to me. It matters who he is. He is my person. And he and I are apart for a while, and it sucks. And I’m ALLOWED to be upset about that regardless. I can’t help how I feel when I feel or what I feel. This is to be human. Man or woman- we all have our issues.

I’m grateful for my mama bear friends. I’m grateful for my family -who are only a phone call away. I’m thankful Jan is safe tonight, and we get to text everyday…

So, here comes December. All badass and wintery like a zombie Jon Snow only less sexy.  I hope it goes quickly. I look forward to Christmas with my mom and siblings. I hope my man stays safe (and sends more topless pics). I hope my babies hang in with me for a while longer. I hope for all good things. And I look forward to Santa sending an elf to shovel my driveway.

Cheers. Happy holidays, y’all.

When your person is away…

As most of you know, Jan is in Afghanistan till March. You know, saving the world and being beautiful and flirting with women in burkas. So this leaves myself, Ollie, Frank, Odin and 3 cats to tend to the house and each other for 6 months. After 2 weeks and 2 days, I can honestly say that this isn’t my ideal situation. I mean, I’ve had bouts of crying, eating, drinking, hiding in the bathroom, sleeplessness, depression, hysterics, denial, and fake smiling. I’ve also cried into my cat more than once. Literally. I put my face on Dennis’s body and sobbed..and you know what? It made me feel equally psychotic and relieved. And Dennis doesn’t seem to mind. I knew all these things would arise. I’d feel all the feels and have struggles maintaining the kids and house and chores and whatnot. It really helps that many of my lovely friends have reached out to help…seriously! It doesn’t go unnoticed, and I will (eventually, if not already) take you up on the offer. Whether it’s babysitting while I shower/get a manicure, or cooking dinner for us, or just being an ear to vent to- I truly love all of you for the support. It means everything. Also, putting up with me is just something you’ll have to do. So, sorryimnotsorry about any mood swings that may occur.

I do get to chat with Janny most days, and it’s what I look forward to the most. That, and it being a reasonable hour for me to have a beer. Can I say that? #nojudgement
His face and voice and antics make me happy. And nobody will ever make me laugh like he can, so it’s great when I do get to hear from him bc laughter is a great mood lifter. He seems to be doing ok, even though his room looks like a scarier version of my college dorm room. Despite his tiredness (from working 7 days a week, 8-10 hours/day), he still manages to make time for me and the boys. Always with a smile or a joke… He is just the best, really. I love him more than I can express.

I’m blogging today from my front porch while Arthur and Frank nap, so I’m trying to hurry through*

OH! This is my BIRTHDAY MONTH!! Yes, yes, yes..I know you’ve ALL been wondering when you could send me gifts and vodka, and I’m pleased to tell you the wait it OVER! Send me all the things! I turn (had to think about it, counting the years on my fingers) 31 this Thursday, and I’ll probably bring in the new age with baby vomit, shitty diapers, and microwave corndogs. And all that, in all its yucky and blahness, is okay. I love being me and I love my life here. I love the chaos and the to-do lists and the babies and all of it. I love it because I worked hard to get here. I’m a good mama with a sense of humor (which, let’s be real, a lot of moms don’t have!), and I worked hard this summer and made sacrifices to get my yoga instructor certificate! I’m proud of me. And I’m proud of my family. I’m in love with the man of my dreams- like, insane, over-the-moon, can’t catch my breath, exploding heart, big BIG love. My boys are healthy and beautiful and SMART. I love my house and my neighborhood. I love DENNIS… There is so much to be thankful for, and my heart is overflowing with gratitude.

On that note~ I want you to get happy, too, and find some goodness in your day/life! Hold on to it, and enjoy positive moments! I sound like a hippy, but what I’m saying and feel is true:

One happy moment in your day can change your entire outlook!

Find that moment and spread good vibes 🙂


In September

School is under way. The weather is changing. Pumpkin-flavored beers and lattes fill our feeds. Leaves are turning yellow, and lawn mowers seem louder. Fall is coming #Starksdidntwarnus

I like to listen to Ray LaMontagne, and Death Cab’s Plans album. I like to sip a good, dry red wine on my porch. I like to clean with the windows open. I like to wear oversize sweatshirts from Jan’s closet. There are all these things I love doing in September, and I know there are lots more I’m leaving out. But this September is unlike others. This September means Jan is leaving for 6 months. This September is bitter and empty. This September feels cold and heavy. And I don’t want to do memorable, feel-good things because my person won’t be here to enjoy them with me.

So yeah. There is that. And most of you know about it because you’re my friends and we told you about it. Whatever..My point is that this fall/winter will be different. I’ll be cranky, moody, whiny, and lonely. I’ll probably cry like a pregnant person, and be a giant puddle of mush. You have been warned.

I’ve got 13 days left with my best friend. Ollie and Frank have less than 2 weeks left with Daddy. And I feel it goes without saying…but it really, fucking sucks bad. Six months is a while. And, I know we discussed this-it was our decision to make- but it will still be a challenge. And Jan and I are soulmates, so we will be fine in the end… I just get so choked up about it all. This is one of 2 Sundays we will spend together until next year. Every kiss and every hug are counted. All the jokes and lovies are counted. This is really real life.

Now I have to go outside and help clean out the gutters. You know, normal family/house happenings. I’ll sniff up the sad for now and breathe slow.


#SAHMlife and updates

My life revolves around my boys (duh). Keeping them up-to-date on happenings and dates and sports and lists and goings on is my jam. And I kind of love it. I’m sort of a beacon for anything…they look to me for lots of things everyday, and I truly appreciate it. Being a mom is a lot more than 3 little letters~ I run this ish. That being said, I know how important it is to live in the now and love something in every day on top of knowing what needs to get done and what needs planning. It is a CRAZY unexplainable process, but somehow it gets done. I’m not taking full credit here (because Jan is a pretty damn good parent, too!), there is just something that needs to be said for moms #SUPERPOWERS

Since my last entry, life is doing what it does- just chugging along. My sweet baby Frank is, too. He is crawling e v e r y w h e r e, growing teeth, pointing at all the things and grunting, waving hi & bye occasionally, and still co-sleeping with yours truly. This week I have been cracking down on moving Frank to his crib. Mostly because my sister will be looking after him for a week in May while I’m out of town, and I don’t want her to have issues with him sleeping in the bed. I need to get Frank on a new schedule where he’s not waking up 3 times a night to nurse. It’s been interesting so far, I mean, it’s only been a couple nights and he’s slept in the crib from 9pm-1am, so… Stay tuned & wish me luck!

27lbs, 30 inches tall, and still the happiest baby boy

4 tiny teeth!

mat time with mama #babytreepose

Jan and I just celebrated our 5-YEAR anniversary, BTDUBZ! No big whoop except HE’S THE FOREVER LOVE OF MY LIFE etc etc mushiness. We partied downtown for St Pattys weekend, and danced and drank and loved…it was oodles of good times. It’s strange only 5 years have gone by- it feels longer. We’ve been through 2 years of long-distance dating (4-hours apart), buying a house, ODIN, and now Franky boy… I just feel stupid lucky because he is the best. THE best. Mostly and usually, anyway. 🙂


Another cool thing that is going to be happening soon:

I’m going to get my yoga certification this summer!!!!

Classes begin at the end of May and finish in August, so come September, I’ll be a certified yoga instructor! And I’m just ABSOLUTLEY thrilled/nervous/overjoyed to be able to pursue something I’m this passionate about !! (Cue the yoga pics!)

SO! I’ve got plenty to look forward to: Frank crawling/learning to walk, Oliver finishing 2nd grade!, traveling lots, yoga school, and new baby Linnberg (Whitney is due in 2 months!)!!

Feels pretty great to be me. #loveyourlife




Exercising mind and body #quickblog

Your mind and your body are yours forever. They’re the only ones you will get.

SO, filling them with good things and avoiding the bad is always a plus. I know lots of twenty somethings and thirty somethings who have muddled minds/stress/things that cloud their pretty little heads, and I know a lot of them handle/deal with it fine. What I want to write about is having children AND dealing with all the other/normal stress on top of it. To all the mums out there who have 2 or more kids under 6 yrs: YOU IMPRESS THE SHIT OUT OF ME. I have my battles from time to time with handling the 7-year gap between my boys & can’t imagine having to worry about more than one infant/toddler all the time. Ollie is a great big bro, hands down like, the best! And he seems so grown up about most things that I forget he is JUST 8 yrs old, and I should ALWAYS be conscious of that. Example: Oliver is a sensitive soul. He loves me more than most and is clearly affected by my emotions. Lately, he has been getting more easily upset about my feelings and attitude towards him when he thinks I’m mad at him. It happens a lot when I tell or ask him to do something and he has to stop doing what he’s doing (watching TV, playing a game, etc). But he gets SO emotional about my reaction to his reaction that (I admit) I sometimes lose my temper and raise my voice at him, “No, I’m not mad at you but I’m getting real annoyed with you asking me that all the time” sort of thing. And it happened tonight right before bed, which I HATE (#nevergotobedangry), and I actually tucked him in and left his room with him being sad/whimpery. After a few minutes, I got my shit together and had to tell myself that he is my boy. My little Oliver. And he is the kid and *I* am the parent, and I shouldn’t react like this when he gets upset. So, I went back in his room and snuggled up on him and asked if I could lay there for a while. I held him for a bit and he calmed down and said, “I love you, mommy” (AND THEN I DIED OMG YOU GUYS). I do worry about how I’m raising my boys, and if I’m “doing it the right way” or making them good dudes and stuff. But then little things like ^that^ will happen and I’m reassured I’m not doing a bad job so far. My mind is always swimming with thoughts, but especially as night before bed. Hundreds of thoughts just swirling around up there, reminding me, checking me, scolding me, kicking my brains with no place to go. I try to give my mind some order by listing and sorting things out one at a time. “To-do lists” are my favorite thing ever, and so far pretty successful. I get the lists written down/noted on my iPhone/blogged/out of my mind so I can sleep better at night. Even if it is just a little bit better. When the thoughts aren’t cluttering everything, it is way easier to meditate or relax. ANOTHER REASON I LOVE YOGA #helpful!! I don’t know if that is considered “exercising” your mind, but it sure feels like it to me. If not, I’m sure all that Words With Friends and sudoku is helping my brain sweat. Ew. Sweaty brains.

Then there is exercising that BOD. I think that I have come a long way (fitness-wise). Actually, I’ve never been as serious about exercising as I have been this last year! Not in my whole 30 years of living! YESIM30 omg. I just wanna blog/vent about it, though, so I can look back on this time in my life when I’m 9 months preggo with my next baby and be all, “SHIT YEAH I CAN GET MY BOD BACK!” *disclaimer: I am definitely not pregnant right now…Currently, I get my fitness on  60-90 minutes, 4-5 days/week.  Usually Monday-Friday in the mornings and some Saturday mornings if I can. I feel great, too. I’ve taken to running a little bit, and really like mixing my daily yoga with a few miles. Who knows what the future holds, but I’m open to all the exercises! It is getting me super pumped for the new year. New year means a LIST of “to-dos” to better myself and my family, and I l o v e lists and fresh starts. And my family, too, I suppose 🙂


I’ll be blogging (more regularly!) come 2016! Catch you lovelies on the flip flop~


I don’t trust a mom who doesn’t drink coffee

Caffeine (a dedication)

The smell, the taste, the anticipation
First sips, mmm
Hot or iced, day or night
You keep me going
I love you, Lifeblood

I just wanted to put that out there. I love coffee (and tea, too) so much. It clears the grogginess every morning, and gives me boosts when my mom powers fade. Any person (mothers, especially) who claims they don’t like/need/drink coffee, is dead to me. *if you are one of these non-coffee people and I am currently your friend, keep it to yourself or prepare for shunning.

And on that note, I will tell you all about my happenings/adventures as of late! Oliver’s fall soccer ended last week, so now he is down to flag football (piano & gymnastics) till basketball starts. I’m proud of how much he’s improved with soccer, and I know he really enjoys playing. Football is another story. Most of the kids on his team don’t really know what’s going on anyway, but then Dad’s Club rules are different than regular football so they really have a hard time. It’s pretty fun to watch the games,though. I don’t think Ollie will be doing it again next time around (but, we will see). He’s been doing well in school, and conferences went well. I’ve never had any real topics of discussion to bring to the table when it came to parent/teacher conferences until this year. So far, Oliver hasn’t brought home any homework. Maybe once, but there is no consistent day he will have to do homework. I do not think this is ok,and am confused what is going on. His teacher assured me he is getting the challenges he needs, and she will improve on things I suggested. We will see. And then there is Halloween. It’s nearly trick-or-treat time! Baby Frank is going as a shark, so Ollie requested I make him a shark, too. I made his costume this last weekend (with Whit), and he gets to wear it today at school for their class parade! It looks pretty good if I say so myself. I finished my sarlacc costume, too! So fun!

Baby Frank is, as always, the light of my life. He is always happy and always making everyone around him smile. I am pretty damn lucky. The thing is, he still wakes up about 2-3 times a night to eat. And the last few nights he wakes every hour. He’s been eating rice cereal with fruits for breakfast, and oatmeal with vegetables for dinner for a little over a week now. I thought that would make a difference with his sleep, but I also think he is teething. He is sleeping in his crib about half the time during the night, and the other half he’s in bed with me. I’ll transition him into the crib more …just got to let him cry it out maybe? Ugh. That will suck. I can’t even believe he is almost 5 months old already! INSANE! #theygrowsofast


my babes.

My yoga practice continues to make me stronger and saner. I make sure to take at least 20-30 minutes each day to meditate/breathe/work on poses and strength. If i’m lucky enough to get a full hour in, it’s even better! I can usually get to a class at Shine! on Tuesdays or Wednesday mornings, and hot yoga at Sol on Thursday mornings. The tricky part is getting a sitter to make the classes- thankfully Shine! has daycare in the studio! I’m starting to focus more/put more time and energy into my practice. As some of you know, I plan on getting my yoga instructor certificate (maybe next year?) so I always keep that in mind when I’m on the mat. I hope to teach prenatal yoga someday, too. #GOALS

gotta start somewhere

Speaking of goals::::: I want to run a lot more. I will run a lot more. I want to work up to running a half/full marathon. AM I CRAZY?! NO! I AM MOTIVATED #runningisforthebirds #iamabirdlady

SO~ Halloween. Transitioning baby. Goals… Wish me luck. On all fronts.

It was the best of times, it was the busiest of times.

Somehow it is the end of September. With every sunny morning, sleepless night, and traveling here and there, the summer has slipped through my fingers. I suppose I can’t complain. Since baby Frank has come along, life has been amplified. Brighter, busier, happier, healthier, and lovelier. Oliver has taken to his role as a big bro like he was born to do it. Always helping, always using patience, and always making Frank smile. I have a lot of gratitude for my little 8-year-old buddy.

Ollie has had a lot happen this summer, and has grown up a lot (physically and mentally). He went on a road trip to Yellowstone with his dad in July, after our Florida visit. The two were gone for over a week, exploring and camping and bonding. It is good for him, I think. He has stories of bear sightings, and hiking adventures to share and remember always. In August, he stayed with his dad and Gigi (grandma) for 10 days in Cleveland to visit for his cousin’s birthday. Needless to say, Oliver has done more traveling this summer than he has his whole life. And he is a good little traveler (he is used to it, and hardly complains about long car rides). Since school’s started up, he is in the swing of things again. Second grade is “a piece of cake”- he was accepted into the TAG program again this year, and loves a good challenge.

Baby Frank is just the hammiest of all babies. Weighing in at 20 lbs already, there is a lot of baby to love, and we wouldn’t have in any other way. He is cooing/chatting more and more, and drooling like crazy. He loves books, tummy time, and watching everyone’s faces. We recently got him a walker (just a simple, no frills one that I LOVE), and he really lights up when he gets in it. He likes touching his toes to the floor/ground and the sensation of standing. Our little family drove to Colorado Springs a couple weeks ago to see my sister, and all the kids did really well (including Jan). It was a long, loooong drive out, and an even longer one back home, but every sleepy mile was worth it. My sister and Kevin (her fiancé) loved having us there for 5 days, and we had so many memorable days. *see photos on my IG* We are looking forward to seeing them (and the rest of the family) in December for xmas!

After we returned from our Colorado trip, it was nearly mid-September, and the realization that summer was ending had me feeling some type of way.  September 10th was the 6th anniversary of my dad committing suicide. It is always a hard day, and puts life in perspective. We are always taking time with our parents for granted. Life is truly a gift, and though somedays fade in and out, it’s important that we stop and appreciate the relationships and luxuries that we have. I didn’t know my father that well, and I regret not ceasing the days when I had the chances to learn. It effects me. It effects a lot (not knowing your parent). In fact, I want you to stop reading this blog right now. RIGHT NOW. Tell/call/text/email your parents and let them know you are thinking of them. Tell them you love them. Show them you love them. Being a parent myself, I realize just how important this stuff is to me. I will raise my kids to value this. Even families that don’t “share” or show emotions need to express their love somehow. So, go on. Tell your mom she matters to you, give her a high five, bake her banana bread, and tell her she is beautiful. Tell your dad he’s the reason you are so good with words/music/cooking/painting/cars/whatever it is. Don’t wait until you see/hear from them again. Do it now. You may not get a chance to later.

Dad and I at my high school grad party 2004

dad rocked the giant nerd glasses


midi tops BEFORE they were cool

The last photo I have of us/dad. It was at Papa’s funeral, and he was able to meet Oliver

Feeling all the feels is one of many reasons why I continue my yoga journey. Yes, I called it a “journey” and no, you can’t make fun of me for it. #TRUTH I really think it is good to challenge yourself with things. Be it cooking that 20-ingredient recipe you saw on Pinterest, NOT eating the last cookie, or pushing your body to endure. #goals. I love getting results and the way it feels when I finally succeed. I’ve been clogging up everyone’s IG/FB/Twitter feed with photos of my practice and results. I know I post a lot, and if you don’t like it [unfollow] #Ashdontcare. It is my own way of sharing and showing all the things that make me proud. And yeah, I am proud of myself for sticking with yoga (even during/after pregnancy). Feels gooooood.




Ollie being the best big bro

Frank loves his daddy

mountaintop lovies

Oliver and his Woolou

Frank meets Mamaw & Papaw

*Writing this poolside at my parent’s house in Florida* #bejealous

Last week, Oliver, Frank and I took a plane ride to Florida!  

 All went fine, and I’m SOhappy to be spending time with my momma. Since baby Frank, things have been slightly less easy #understatement. So, I am loving that I have this opportunity to see my parents AND have some assistance AND get a chance to shower/eat slowly/RELAX by the POOL…  

  “Shhh” is probably my most frequently used word now. Even Ollie uses it. Anytime Frank is the slightest bit fussy, Oliver rushes to his side to rub his forehead and shush him. CUTE. Frank is now 5 weeks old, and has changed SO much in just the last couple weeks! He is more vocal and makes tiny coos and other sounds. He is wearing 3 (and sometimes 3-6) month clothing, and size 1 diaper. He started taking the pacifier (or foofoo/wubanub as we refer to it) to help calm him when he is sleepy- THIS is HUGE for me, because he refused to take anything but my nipple up until last week!  

   So helpful especially during car rides. He has been fed with a bottle (mama’s milk, of course) by Daddy and Mamaw!   

He does well on plane rides (slept the whole way), and is hit-or-miss with car rides. It’s easy while we are here with my mum, because I can tend to fussy Frank from the back seat while she drives. We have been out and about SO much more than I normally would be solely because I have my mum to help with ALL the things! It is awesome. No, BEYOND awesome. Her help is just what I needed, and I’m so grateful for being able to visit and share in this with her and Pops.  

sucking his thumb!


he loves standing/using his legs




smiles for days


museum trip w/the fam!


restaurant trips are easy


papaw ❤️ Franky


morning faces


car rides are NO fun when Wubanub gets loose


frank’s first trip to the ocean


ocean breezes 🙂


i get to relax! mamaw gets to snug!


frank’s 1st ride in the Ergobaby


morning faces!