I don’t trust a mom who doesn’t drink coffee

Caffeine (a dedication)

The smell, the taste, the anticipation
First sips, mmm
Hot or iced, day or night
You keep me going
I love you, Lifeblood

I just wanted to put that out there. I love coffee (and tea, too) so much. It clears the grogginess every morning, and gives me boosts when my mom powers fade. Any person (mothers, especially) who claims they don’t like/need/drink coffee, is dead to me. *if you are one of these non-coffee people and I am currently your friend, keep it to yourself or prepare for shunning.

And on that note, I will tell you all about my happenings/adventures as of late! Oliver’s fall soccer ended last week, so now he is down to flag football (piano & gymnastics) till basketball starts. I’m proud of how much he’s improved with soccer, and I know he really enjoys playing. Football is another story. Most of the kids on his team don’t really know what’s going on anyway, but then Dad’s Club rules are different than regular football so they really have a hard time. It’s pretty fun to watch the games,though. I don’t think Ollie will be doing it again next time around (but, we will see). He’s been doing well in school, and conferences went well. I’ve never had any real topics of discussion to bring to the table when it came to parent/teacher conferences until this year. So far, Oliver hasn’t brought home any homework. Maybe once, but there is no consistent day he will have to do homework. I do not think this is ok,and am confused what is going on. His teacher assured me he is getting the challenges he needs, and she will improve on things I suggested. We will see. And then there is Halloween. It’s nearly trick-or-treat time! Baby Frank is going as a shark, so Ollie requested I make him a shark, too. I made his costume this last weekend (with Whit), and he gets to wear it today at school for their class parade! It looks pretty good if I say so myself. I finished my sarlacc costume, too! So fun!

Baby Frank is, as always, the light of my life. He is always happy and always making everyone around him smile. I am pretty damn lucky. The thing is, he still wakes up about 2-3 times a night to eat. And the last few nights he wakes every hour. He’s been eating rice cereal with fruits for breakfast, and oatmeal with vegetables for dinner for a little over a week now. I thought that would make a difference with his sleep, but I also think he is teething. He is sleeping in his crib about half the time during the night, and the other half he’s in bed with me. I’ll transition him into the crib more …just got to let him cry it out maybe? Ugh. That will suck. I can’t even believe he is almost 5 months old already! INSANE! #theygrowsofast


my babes.

My yoga practice continues to make me stronger and saner. I make sure to take at least 20-30 minutes each day to meditate/breathe/work on poses and strength. If i’m lucky enough to get a full hour in, it’s even better! I can usually get to a class at Shine! on Tuesdays or Wednesday mornings, and hot yoga at Sol on Thursday mornings. The tricky part is getting a sitter to make the classes- thankfully Shine! has daycare in the studio! I’m starting to focus more/put more time and energy into my practice. As some of you know, I plan on getting my yoga instructor certificate (maybe next year?) so I always keep that in mind when I’m on the mat. I hope to teach prenatal yoga someday, too. #GOALS

gotta start somewhere

Speaking of goals::::: I want to run a lot more. I will run a lot more. I want to work up to running a half/full marathon. AM I CRAZY?! NO! I AM MOTIVATED #runningisforthebirds #iamabirdlady

SO~ Halloween. Transitioning baby. Goals… Wish me luck. On all fronts.