It was the best of times, it was the busiest of times.

Somehow it is the end of September. With every sunny morning, sleepless night, and traveling here and there, the summer has slipped through my fingers. I suppose I can’t complain. Since baby Frank has come along, life has been amplified. Brighter, busier, happier, healthier, and lovelier. Oliver has taken to his role as a big bro like he was born to do it. Always helping, always using patience, and always making Frank smile. I have a lot of gratitude for my little 8-year-old buddy.

Ollie has had a lot happen this summer, and has grown up a lot (physically and mentally). He went on a road trip to Yellowstone with his dad in July, after our Florida visit. The two were gone for over a week, exploring and camping and bonding. It is good for him, I think. He has stories of bear sightings, and hiking adventures to share and remember always. In August, he stayed with his dad and Gigi (grandma) for 10 days in Cleveland to visit for his cousin’s birthday. Needless to say, Oliver has done more traveling this summer than he has his whole life. And he is a good little traveler (he is used to it, and hardly complains about long car rides). Since school’s started up, he is in the swing of things again. Second grade is “a piece of cake”- he was accepted into the TAG program again this year, and loves a good challenge.

Baby Frank is just the hammiest of all babies. Weighing in at 20 lbs already, there is a lot of baby to love, and we wouldn’t have in any other way. He is cooing/chatting more and more, and drooling like crazy. He loves books, tummy time, and watching everyone’s faces. We recently got him a walker (just a simple, no frills one that I LOVE), and he really lights up when he gets in it. He likes touching his toes to the floor/ground and the sensation of standing. Our little family drove to Colorado Springs a couple weeks ago to see my sister, and all the kids did really well (including Jan). It was a long, loooong drive out, and an even longer one back home, but every sleepy mile was worth it. My sister and Kevin (her fiancé) loved having us there for 5 days, and we had so many memorable days. *see photos on my IG* We are looking forward to seeing them (and the rest of the family) in December for xmas!

After we returned from our Colorado trip, it was nearly mid-September, and the realization that summer was ending had me feeling some type of way.  September 10th was the 6th anniversary of my dad committing suicide. It is always a hard day, and puts life in perspective. We are always taking time with our parents for granted. Life is truly a gift, and though somedays fade in and out, it’s important that we stop and appreciate the relationships and luxuries that we have. I didn’t know my father that well, and I regret not ceasing the days when I had the chances to learn. It effects me. It effects a lot (not knowing your parent). In fact, I want you to stop reading this blog right now. RIGHT NOW. Tell/call/text/email your parents and let them know you are thinking of them. Tell them you love them. Show them you love them. Being a parent myself, I realize just how important this stuff is to me. I will raise my kids to value this. Even families that don’t “share” or show emotions need to express their love somehow. So, go on. Tell your mom she matters to you, give her a high five, bake her banana bread, and tell her she is beautiful. Tell your dad he’s the reason you are so good with words/music/cooking/painting/cars/whatever it is. Don’t wait until you see/hear from them again. Do it now. You may not get a chance to later.

Dad and I at my high school grad party 2004

dad rocked the giant nerd glasses


midi tops BEFORE they were cool

The last photo I have of us/dad. It was at Papa’s funeral, and he was able to meet Oliver

Feeling all the feels is one of many reasons why I continue my yoga journey. Yes, I called it a “journey” and no, you can’t make fun of me for it. #TRUTH I really think it is good to challenge yourself with things. Be it cooking that 20-ingredient recipe you saw on Pinterest, NOT eating the last cookie, or pushing your body to endure. #goals. I love getting results and the way it feels when I finally succeed. I’ve been clogging up everyone’s IG/FB/Twitter feed with photos of my practice and results. I know I post a lot, and if you don’t like it [unfollow] #Ashdontcare. It is my own way of sharing and showing all the things that make me proud. And yeah, I am proud of myself for sticking with yoga (even during/after pregnancy). Feels gooooood.




Ollie being the best big bro

Frank loves his daddy

mountaintop lovies

Oliver and his Woolou