Being a winner makes me sweaty

I can recall only a few times in my life where I was a winner of something. Like the time I bought a scratch ticket at a janky gas station near Marshall, IL, and instantly won $500. Or the time I went to Chicago with a bachelorette party and met the man of my dreams (CHA-CHING!). Those moments had me like Magic So when MY name was drawn from a hat to win a GLORIOUS diaper bag full of marvelous prizes, I was totes like YayHyperbole And when my name was read as the “WINNER,” I instantly started sweating (and nearly cried) because #HORMONAL? The goodie bag was from/put together by my prenatal yoga instructor, the lovely Roberta. (to see a photo of the bag and it’s treats, visit my Instagram page)

Oliver has not been winning lately. Last week, he’d gotten into trouble at school which rendered him video game-less, tablet-less, and grounded. He was having behavioral issues, ones we’ve discussed before at length, and I decided it was time to take away the electronics until further notice. He seems to have taken the punishment well, and has actually turned to other activities instead (biking, riding his scooter, outside things, and Legos) which makes me one happy parent. Not to mention, he’s been playing really WELL in soccer #proudmom

Sunday was our last installment of child prep classes by CHAR. I know Jan was real sad about it. I have to say, the classes were slightly less cheesy than I anticipated. Slow dancing and encouraging whispers aside, the information provided was SUPER helpful. It was more than a refresher course for me, because I honestly forgot about lots of things labor-wise and procedure-wise. And Jan even admitted to learning a thing or two 🙂

As we round the 36-weeks mark, I can’t help but wonder and think about what Frank will look like. Will he have dark hairs all over his head? Will he have chubby cheeks? Will he be just the DARLINGEST baby of EVER? Yes. Yes to all things adorable. I’ve been feeling a lot of “prep” contractions, and also feel him dwelling rather low these days. I also can’t contain my urges to clean and ready the house and yard, so nesting is in full effect. Now, we just wait it out!

I’ve been given a list of movies/tv shows to slide in my watch cue while I’m home. Parenthood, The Mindy Project, a ton of Netflix movies, and Orange is the New Black (when it comes out). I think people assume because I am now a SAHM, I have tons of extra time on my hands, when I actually have very little “extra” time. Between caring for Odin (who is on a few different drugs currently- treating an eye infection), the cats, laundry, floors, and other chores/errands, I literally don’t sit down until after I get Oliver from school. Which is when I typically would be getting home if I were still working at North. Nesting isn’t helping the whole “relaxing” vibes, either. I am constantly finding new things that need cleaning/projects to do. cleanallthings


And when I get too tired from cleaning, and I actually get the chance to sit down, all I want to do is eat/snack and watch old episodes of It’s Always Sunny. #DERPmarshmallow25

BUT! Aside from my urges to clean and run all the errands, being a SAHM is just lovely. I really LOVE being in my house and doing things. I get such a sense of accomplishment when I complete a task. And I LOVE making myself a cup of tea, sitting on my patio in the late morning and watching the yard critters run around…such a sap, but you’d love it too if you saw my backyard in the mornings 🙂

I’ll keep everyone informed about baby happenings, so don’t fret! Right now, Jan, Ollie and I are going to see the new Avengers movie in 3D #bejelly

CIAO~ xo


PS: Images were taken from Hyperbole and a Half– if you haven’t read the book, or seen the site, PLEASE DO bc HILARIOUS and TRUE TRUE.


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