Week 30 is here and on its way out, so that means we are counting down into single-digit weeks, people! Franky Boy is gearing up and putting on the chubby-cheek pounds for his big debut! I did have that second glucose screening a couple weeks ago and ALL WAS WELL (yay!) #tinyvictories I had to go in to the lab first thing in the morning to have my blood drawn because they want you to fast for 12 hours (ugh), which turns into 15-16 hours once all the blood draws are done (UGHHHH). It wasn’t too bad, but I was SO hungry when I got out of there that my hands were shaking. BUT! Those results were normal, so I don’t know why my first test was so “elevated”…

Anyway~ third trimester happenings: I weigh 186 lbs now (total weight gained=23 lbs). I’ve been craving sweets but only immediately after eating something salty. I feel way huge, like, it is a struggle sitting up out of bed every morning. I can’t really do ANYTHING without being short of breath, and baby is moving/kicking me all over in there making it trickier to do anything really.   The nursery is ready except for a few items! I’ve received several baby gifts from some very lovely friends/fam so far, and it REALLY is so appreciated. I still have us registered at Target for those reading this and wanting to buy a gift! I have another check-up appointment next Thursday afternoon, and I think I’ll ask about an ultrasound. I think he said he would do one to make sure the baby is in the correct position, but I don’t know for sure when or if that will happen.

nursery is coming along nicely!

I am still working here at North High with my lovely caseload of students. I really love what I do here, and will miss it when I have to leave. This is one of the most unstressful, rewarding jobs I’ve had, and I’ve only got about 20 working days left before I finish! There are a couple students (and a teacher or two) who have told me that I’m “not allowed” to leave, which makes me happy and sad at the same time. I know they appreciate me, and I’m guessing they will miss me when I’m gone…

we R so kewt

Speaking of MISSING people! My Janny Boy is back home FINALLY! He was in Kansas for 3 weeks on business (bc he is awesome and in charge of shit), but is home now. I missed him oodles upon boatloads!! Yeah, yeah I know you all thoroughly enjoy reading my mushies and whatnot. Jan is the best and I love him and happy and kisses and marriage and omg we are having a real baby soon and HECANNEVERLEAVEAGAIN4E!

Spring Break (said in my James Franco voice) came and went ,as well. My MUM and SISTER came here to visit Ollie and I for several days, and it was just SO GOOD~


shopping day!

sister sister💕👏

My dear sister, Lou, drove up from Colorado (a tedious 13-hr drive) last Tuesday & Mum flew in the following morning. AND SO OUR REUNION VISIT BEGAN! T’was so marvelous and lovely having them here. Lou had been here once before, but this was Momma’s first time to the wonderful city of Davenport. She met Jan’s folks over lunchies one afternoon. I gave her the GRAND tour at the “Linnberg Mansion” after we ate, and then we sat around and chatted about this and that. She had nothing but nice things to say about it #duh. I just realized we didn’t take a photo of them together! Grr. Will have to do so when she comes back in a couple months! Anyway, Lou and Oliver were pretty much inseparable the entire time. Oliver is a Lou hog. And I’m pretty sure she’s had enough of Beyblade battles- especially since Ollie insisted on changing the rules so he’d win everytime! We did get some movie time, Whitey’s & Happy Joe’s Pizza, and lots of slugging around in while they were here. Friday, we went shopping for baby things 🙂 Ma is already spoiling her grandson! Jeff and Whit stopped by briefly one night and got to meet my ma. That was nice of them! Jan came back Friday night and was able to spend a little time with everyone before they had to leave. After Lou left Saturday morning, Jan went to help our bff’s move into their new house (A WHOLE OTHER EXCITING THING THAT HAPPENED #YAY). Mom, Ollie and I ventured out to see the town a bit. It was warmer that morning, so I drove down by the river and took Ma to the Farmer’s Market. I explained how big and awesomely fun it gets in the summer time (because right now there aren’t too many vendors and a LOT less people), but she did get to see/hear an older gentleman playing his cello on the stage for a bit. Which was so cool, by the way. He was playing it sideways, and was really good at it.  We went to lunchies at 11th Street in the East Village. So, so yummy. After the running around, we came back home to chill and stuff. Momma packed up her things and got ready for the flight back to Florida. Jan did come home in time to say goodbye to her, and I drove her to the airport. It is always less fun hugging goodbye, BUT it wasn’t that bad this time because we knew we would see each other VERY soon. I mean, this baby is coming in like, 2 months!

I’ve been wondering about how Oliver will handle Frank. I’m sure it will all turn out fine, but I get a little strange worry-like feeling sometimes thinking about it. “Ollie, this is Frank. You are a big brother now!” and I can see him being pumped about it, but also not wanting to hold or be around him at first. Not sure if it’s because he is an only child and he won’t be soon, or if it’s because he is a kid and kids don’t typically love babies. Hell, some adults don’t love babies, so I don’t really expect him to fall in love with Frank immediately. I don’t want him to feel neglected, and have explained to him how infants need a lot of mommy’s attention. I’ve talked about how that doesn’t mean I am going to ignore him purposefully, and that he is still my Ollie forever and ever…but no parent can really fully prepare their first born for his/her sibling. I need to think up some possible ideas for celebrating Oliver when Frank is born (because I think that will make it more fun for him). Like, bake him a big brother cake or get him gifts or both!


And ANOTHER happy/celebratory thing that happened***** ———->

Jan’s older bro, BJ, (FINALLY) got hitched to his darling lady this week! I, obviously, couldn’t make it to their ceremony in the MOUNTAINS, but I am still so thrilled for them. And don’t they look DASHING!? Gah.. can’t wait to see them and hugs them when they come visit this summer 🙂

**Until next post!**




“You know you’re in your third trimester when you drop something on the floor and walk away muttering fuck it.” #realtalk

As I am nearing the 29-week mark in the third trimester: Feeling the baby move around all day…he feels giant-sized. I feel him rolling and hiccuping and twitching. My tummy is stretched tight, nausea has creeped back in (along with headaches), I’m having occasional contractions (nothing I’m concerned about yet), and my back hurts quite a lot. Aside from those symptoms, things are fine. Oliver is still just as sweet as ever about meeting his brother, and I’m trying to capture as many moments as I can. 

taken today… Oliver was feeling Frank move

I haven’t been craving anything weird (that I can think of). I do have to retake a glucose blood test this week due to my first one’s results being “elevated”, but I’m not that worried about it. I mean, when I was first told I needed to take the longer test, I kind of hyperventilated slightly only to be calmed down later by my Jan. so.. We will see what those results say. Hopefully I will still be able to eat Whitey’s ice cream.Baby will be here soon enough, anyway. I’m thinking Franky Boy might be born prior to his due date. Not terribly early- maybe a couple weeks. I’m thinking the week of May 11th… but that is just me. And I can’t even trust my “feeling” because I remember having strong feelings that this baby was a girl…and we know how wrong I was on that one. 

 Speaking of feelings ~~ Jan and I have a certain JANIVERSARY coming up this week! Four wondrous years of romance and mushies have gone by, and I couldn’t be more in love. I have been perusing all the photos of us…all the wildly fun memories and adventures…gives me butterflies still #goosechill #teamJan4e #powercouple 

So yeah… We have a lot of memories and photos of us being us… And I’m looking forward to forever many more. 

Ps! AAAND today marks my “yogaversary” at Indigo! A year ago today, I joined their team, and have been going and loving my practice ever since. I actually think my very first attempt at yoga was with my friend, Larissa, in January of 2014, but March was when I became avid. So, YAY for me! And YAY for yoga! Appropriately enough…today I got to model in a fancy “prenatal yoga” photo shoot at Tapas across the river! I’m looking forward to seeing the results, and also VERY happy that I was even asked to be a part of such fun.

Quality Time

A few days ago, I freaked out. I can blog about this now, because luckily, nothing was wrong. I first noticed a lack of movement after lunch Friday- normally, baby Frank goes nuts after meals. However, that particular day and that particular meal- nothing. I tried not to dwell/moved on until I got home after work. The car ride home, sitting at Jay’s with Ollie, laying in bed eating chocolate, even busting out my guitar and serenading Franky Boy…nothing. Not a flip or flutter. So I did what everyone does but knows they shouldn’t do: I googled it. Stupid internet. I panicked. A lot. I read article after forum after WebMD until Jan got home, and by that point I’d already called my doctor. Jan calmed me down and talked to the tummy (he said he felt a kick, but I didn’t feel anything). My doctor called back and asked that I head over to the emergency room. Jan convinced me I should go (THANK YOU, DARLING), and we checked in around 8pm. They hooked my belly up to two round monitor things- one for Frank’s heartbeat and one for his movements. The nurses were just lovely, by the way. So caring and They eased my mind and told me to always come with any questions or “gut feelings” like this. Made me feel less crazy. Wouldn’t you know?? As soon as she started up that machine, Frank was all, “HEY! I’M IN HERE AND I LOVE TO PARTY!” Stubborn already… So, I laid there all strapped up while they took a 20-minute reading of all the movements/heartbeats, and Jan sat in a chair trying to read. It was difficult not to notice the woman going into labor in the next room over. She was moaning and groaning and telling someone to “get away” and “don’t talk to me” – you know, normal mid-contraction talk. Jan mentioned he was taking notes (“…this wasn’t a wasted trip at all…I’m learning to just keep my mouth shut!”), and made being in a hospital less stressful. Again, THANK YOU, DARLING. We checked out- baby was fine, and my mind was at ease.

random photo: chilled out Saturday (new candle!)

PROOF: I mingled and went to a bar at 7 months pregnant! (also, Jan and I are like, super attractive and cool)

Saturday, after going shopping for Cassie’s birthday gifts (and a few things for moi), Jan and I snugged around the house, did some chores, walked the dog, got groceries, and snugged some more until it was time to go to Cass’s bday dinz (Oliver stayed with Jay&Jos). Dinner at Los Portales was hilarious. Bad service, good friends. We had a table of 10 people, and the place was packed. Service was shit because our server had like, half the restaurant to wait on. Also, getting our orders/bills correct seemed to be a difficult task. We laughed it off, though. I love hanging out with that gang. I even had a [virgin] strawberry daiquiri bc IM SO BADASS. After eats, we ventured down to the East Village to Grumpy’s for more hangs. I went along because I wasn’t terribly sleepy, and I wanted to spend more time with frandz. It’s not every weekend this pregnant lady gets out! I’m glad I went, too. Though, I must say, I don’t know if it’s my being pregnant or sober or old, but bars just seem less fun and more dirty. Maybe it was just that bar. Maybe it is just my pregnancy sobriety. Nonetheless, it was nice spending time and chatting with the girls and dudes. Plus! I was NEEDED to take photos of the night (because, if you didn’t know by now, I am the only one in our group who ever takes photos of things). Also, I’d like to think I am still fun to be around- with or without being smashed. #amiright?

Sunday, Whitney and I cooked a yummy pancake & bacon breakfast for the fam over at Jay&Josie’s. Whit, Jeff, Jan, Ollie, Jay, Jos and even Odin had some quality hangs. It was nice sitting at their giant table and eating, talking, etc. Whit and Jeff left, and we went home to relax a bit more. I must say… I am one lucky woman to be surrounded by such great love. Ollie and Jan (and all the animals) really make my life wonderful. Maybe it’s my hormones, but I have just felt so mushy about it all. Especially my bae boo, Jan. I love him wholly, and can’t imagine my life without him in it. He treats me like a queen (with respect and love and appreciation, and maybe a skosh of fear that I’ll “off with his head” or something). He’s just everything I want and need. AND HE’S MINE #maniacallaugh

my little philosopher ❤

The other day, I was talking about baby stuff with Oliver, and he had some fun questions. “How many babies can someone pop out of them?” He said, “I know I popped out of you, and baby Frank is going to pop out, too. But how many babies can you make?” I just love his way of thinking about everything #sweetest I explained that it is a surprise! And told him that some women have 10 kids! He was pretty blown away with that one. I told him that I will probably have 1 or 2 more babies after Frank comes, and that I’m hoping for a girl next. I told him he would love a sister, and asked how nice it would be if there were another lady in the house. He started to say something, and then stopped himself so I pressed for him to speak. “Oh…well, I was just wondering if she would be pretty.” I could have scooped him up and kissed him! How cute!? I assured him, “Of COURSE she will be pretty! Look at you! Look at your mommy!” He’s been asking a lot of new questions about life and such lately. I walked in on him sitting on the floor near the bottom of his bed one day- just staring at his bookshelf. I asked what he was doing, and he said something like, “Just thinking about the biggest questions. Like, how did the earth get made and what is life and all…” Yeah. I know. He’s such a thinker. Lord knows what types of questions he will come up with once he becomes a big brother. I am so looking forward to it, though.

Today, I am staying home with Ollie and animals because my car and the roads/sidewalks are covered with a thick sheet of ice. School was given a 2-hour late start and all, but the weather is just too scary for me. With my luck, I’d slip walking down my front porch steps.

Odin- being adorable and slothsluggy #puddleface

Plus, Odin hasn’t been feeling well (following me around after he threw up outside this morning), and I need to be a good dog mom. But mostly because there’s ice e’rywhere. Though, I wonder if I sent my boss this photo (->) of Odin, she would just excuse me forever bc he looks so damn pitiful.

ANYway. This week should go by quickly enough. Ollie had piano lessons last night, has gymnastics tomorrow night, and I have yoga Thursday night. AND THEN I WILL BE IN MY THIRD TRIMESTER! This pregnancy is nearing it’s end, and I am just now starting to like my giant buddha belly. Although, I will admit, even though I’ve done the whole pregnant thing before, it baffles me that my body can change this much. My skin feels so tight (especially near my ribs and tummy *duh), my calves are crampy, my belly feels super low down and droopy, and my pants feel too tight always. I still have 10+ weeks of this #yay! I shouldn’t complain too much, though. All smiles over here…