Sick week, quick post.

Just when I thought I had made it through the winter without getting the flu, BAM. Flu bomb goes off causing all kinds of mayhem. I wasn’t terribly concerned Monday when I felt nauseous at work (after all, pregnant), but when I threw up and the pain in my gut became more unbearable over a period of 2 hours, I went home. It wasn’t long after I was curled up on my bed that I felt that ole familiar chill- the god damn flu got me. Achy bones, paralyzing nausea, cold and hot at the same time- yep, I had all the symptoms. I called my doctor’s nurse, who had me sipping fluids and resting as much as possible. I didn’t really eat much until Wednesday night. FYI to all you pregnant ladies~ if you get the flu and are having any of these issues, you need to get in to the doctor asap: unable to keep fluids down, have any spotting, or don’t feel baby moving. Luckily, I made it through the really bad days, and am feeling pretty normal today. Last night, I was worried I might have given my illness to Oliver. He was complaining his head hurt, was fussing with a runny nose and had that sick look in his eyes. He even cried himself to sleep (saying his head was hurting so bad). But luckily, this  morning he woke up and was better. I kept him home from school to make sure- brought him breakfast in bed, and had him drink lots of water and rest. We colored pictures for our family, and even had a little Skype date with Aunt Woolou! #yay

In other newssss, as we approach our 27th week of pregnancy, Jan and I have finally come to an agreement on a name for our baby boy!

Frank Linnberg, it is!

Still working on a middle name, but Frank sure is gonna be one loved bundle of joy 🙂 And for those who follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you know me well enough to know your feeds shall be blown by all the baby photos. #noapologies


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