Nearly 6 months pregnant!

Coming up on week 23, and Baby Linnberg is just kicking away in there! And my darling Oliver, aside from being a 7-year-old boy genius, is just the absolute sweetest person alive. I can already tell he will be the best big brother of ever. Every morning when I drop him off at school, he not only kisses/hugs me goodbye, but he says “bye baby, love you!” to his brother! He always asks to feel the belly, and when he gets a bump from inside, he says, “he high five’d me again!”… #cuteness If that isn’t enough to make you “AWWWWW”, at night when we do our bedtime routine, Ollie has been reading to my belly! He puts one of his hands on my tummy, and reads a book aloud to all of us. It melts my heart. He is surely going to be a terrific big bro.

Jan and I have been putting together the nursery, and I must say it is LOVELY. I wanted to have a sort of minimalist theme with arrows, geometric shapes, and a slight color accent. We put up wall decals (arrows and gold triangles), new curtains, and I’ve re-painted a changing table and dresser this deep turquoise color (that once belonged to my dad). Oliver added his touch to the room, as well (see “baby bro” painting below). Now, all I need is to revamp the glider cushions, get a little table or stool, and find a rug.


Crib & decals (plus Ollie’s art)



Loving these colors !



First attempt (no pattern/all guess work) at baby clothes


On a side note, my yoga practice proves more challenging/giving lately. My growing belly makes it tricky to do all the folds and stretches I once knew, but I am adapting. I’d recommend eagle arms pose for ANYONE (pregnant or not) who works at a desk/in an office all day. It’s an awesome way to release the tension that builds up, and it feels fantastic! I’m also slightly obsessed with hip openers and am open to any new suggestions. I know I need to work on squats/ upper legs and arms… #goals

IMG_5486       IMG_5484



#ALLTHEPOSES (tree, chair, reverse warrior, downward dog, seated/chest opener, crab, high lunge, hand to big toe, king pigeon)

I’ll probably write another post soon, because I have an ultrasound this week!

SIDENOTE: I bought this sweet necklace from Heidi Girl, and you should totes check her shop out!








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