Yoga for Buddha bellies

I’ve been practicing yoga for almost a year now. I wish it were longer and that I would have started sooner, but honestly I didn’t even think about yoga until my friend, Larissa, introduced it to me. THANKS RISS! When I learned I was pregnant, I had just finished transforming a spare room in my house into my very own personal yoga studio (mood paint, mood smells, mood feels, mood moods). I had also been practicing in my spacious attic, and felt way comfortable in my own flow/leading myself through poses. I had just started practicing inversions, too, and reveled in the moment I actually could do a supported head stand. Being upside down is such a lovely, natural rush. Pregnancy doesn’t necessarily throw off a yogi’s chi, but it does cause changes or modifications in one’s practice (no inversions was one). I love everything about my practice. I feel strong. I feel relaxed and accomplished. It is wonderful #seriously #youshouldtryit Even without the inversions, twists, prone poses, and other physically-difficult-to-manuever poses, yoga is a big part of my life. I need yoga. I may be an addict.

For me, yoga is many things (as I imagine it is for oodles of others). It is my exercise- my body is stronger! It is my decompressor- there for me when I’m stressed and need to relax. It is that part of the day when I can do something for myself that is rewarding and free! I’ve made a habit of attending prenatal (and gentle) sessions at a studio in Moline -shout out to Roberta and Becky! The other days of the week, I do at least 30 min of yoga at home. Sometimes it is rough finding a quiet space, a dog/cat-free space, and a time when I’m not super sleepy… But I manage! And every single time I practice, I feel glad I did.
I plan on practicing during and well after this pregnancy, too! Eventually, I’d love to get my instructor’s license and teach.

I’ll get off my yoga soapbox for now- but only bc this photo is WAY cute!


Ollie LOVES little bro already



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