Beginning of 2015; Halfway through my pregnancy!

I do hope all of my readers/lovelies had a spectacular New Years! Jan and I spent ours thrift store shopping, eating Arby’s, and watching The Interview. THRILLING. But for serious, it was just perfect. I was happy spending the day with my beloved, and then just vegging out on the couch braless in my softie pants.



After that, I literally have no idea what I did with the rest of my days up until we picked Ollie up from his dad. I spent a lot of time in my house, slugging around, watching movies and eating chocolate. Over the weekend, I painted our bedroom a lovely gray color and built a shelf for Jan’s t-shirts (all 400 of them). Oh, and I got out of the house and was SOCIABLE with REAL PEOPLE, too. #impregnantnotdead Jan actually drove when it was time to pick up Oliver- A HUGE thank you to him for doing so. My back and knee have been making sitting my most unfavorable thing to do, and Jan driving helped tons! Especially since there was some kind of winter tundra to drive through on our way home…


proof I wore real pants and went out of the house

Speaking of tundras, I do remember that it snowed a lot Saturday night, and Sunday I cooked breakfast for Jan, Jeff & Whitney before Jan and I went to the movies to see Unbroken. Jan had read the book and wanted to see it, and aside from the length of the film (it was over 2 hrs long), it was pretty darn great. Makes you really believe in whatever you believe in. Also, I got a large, buttery bucket of movie popcorn so THAT didn’t suck. You know what did suck? Having to wake up before 10am. Waking up at 6am, exactly. Going back to the real world and working again is something we all had to do eventually, but dread nonetheless. For those of us who were off during the holidays, you know what I mean. Sleeping in was the greatest thing about Winter break/is the greatest thing ever. Right up there with wearing sweatpants all. day. long.  For those who worked through the holidays, you have my deepest sympathies. I was ever so grateful for the snow days Tuesday & Wednesday! They were spent cleaning, playing games with Ollie, running errands, and baking banana bread. And actually, being home those 2 days made me miss being home and taking care of the house… I really love it.

Let’s see, let’s see… OH YES!!


Jan and I watched (with wide eyes and smiles) our tiny baby kicking and twisting around on the monitor. I think the difference in size and actually seeing baby moving around was the most thrilling thing ever. We were both in love. Like, “OMG JAN WE ARE HAVING A BABY AND IT IS MAGIC” or something. The whole time I was anxiously waiting to hear “it’s a girl!” because everyone (including myself) predicted it. But, when the nurse showed us the baby’s bottom and said, “Uh oh!” I knew it was just the opposite. The baby was cooperating for the most part, so she was able to get all of the clear shots she needed. She stopped the monitor on baby’s tiny bottom and typed the words “OH BOY!!!” right beside what was clear to be boy parts. WE ARE HAVING A BABY BOY! I’ll be honest,  I was a tad shocked/disappointed to hear that it wasn’t a girl- having gone this whole pregnancy with the thought/feel it would be a girl. But, after everything settled in OBVIOUSLY it didn’t/doesn’t matter. Jan and Oliver are happy…and I suppose there’s nothing terribly wrong with being surrounded by handsome fellas.


big bro material, this one #rolemodel





Proud daddy… #genderreveal



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