2014, You weren’t that bad!

Visits & Xmas!

Kevin and Lou came for the week, and made this Christmas just the most magical one ever. They made it to Iowa with only a couple hiccups, and Oliver stayed up passed midnight to get all the hugs. The week went by so quickly (as I expected it would), but I think we really squeezed in a lot of fun! We made sure to get Whitey’s and Happy Joe’s (it’s a Quad City thing), took them to the farm for some target practice (‘Mercuh!), had game night with friends, and I even got to make Grandma’s homemade chicken and noodles dish with Lou. Christmas morning was a world wind of wrapping paper and oohs and ahhs. We Skyped with Mum and Pops while Jan played Santa and passed out gifts. Oliver was just a maniac- ripping through packages while reaching for unopened ones… it was adorable! Before they left, I took them to Cafe Indigo for breakfast for the tastiness! It was sad to see them leave, and I know it took them longer than planned to get home, but I am still so grateful for their visit.


Lou and I at the farm (we both got to shoot some guns!)



Lou prepping noodles for Grandma’s SECRET recipe




Kev, Lou & Ollie at the farm #presh



Ollie, Christmas morning #SHEERJOY






Putting together some Legos Christmas Day at Uncle Bobby’s

We were all so happy just to be around one another…I think that is why the days weren’t long enough. I’m already looking forward to her next visit in March!

THEN, an hour after Kev and Lou left, JESS CAME TO VISIT! Her and Daisy Bear (basset hound/old crotchety dog) stayed over for one night in Davenport! Although short-lived, I tried packing in as much BFF stuff as possible. Things we accomplished: walked dogs in Tyler park, ate an entire box of fruit roll ups, watched The Family Stone, snuggled on couch, ate Jimmy Johns (thank you, Jan), curled our hair, ate dinner at Front Street Brewery with Kevin and Cassie, played Cards Against Humanity with Iowa buddies, Jess had some Peach Four Loco, and we all slept soundly. The bummer of it all was that Jess had to leave so early Saturday morning I didn’t even get to make her all of the bacons.



Just two BFFs out for a romantic walk w/their dogs

Sunday was spent driving to/from Indiana. Oliver went to his dad’s for New Years, and I was able to catch up on Serial (a podcast I highly recommend). I got in around 5:30pm, and Jan took me to Pancheros for dins bc he’s the best. Later on, I was upstairs in the cloud bed (cloud bed/new comforter thanks to Whitney #fluffyblanket4e) watching some Party Down when all a suddennnnn…


For reals!! It wasn’t just a flutter, either. I felt a strong kick/punch on my left tummy! It was wonderful. So magical! I can’t wait to feel more of them, and for Jan & Ollie to, too!

Not sure what our plans are for New Years Eve, but I’m hoping it involves delicious foods that I don’t have to cook/clean up after. ALSO* I am counting down the days til we find out the baby’s sex! Only TEN days to go! I can’t believe I’m already 18 weeks along… this is going by so fast!



18 weeks #bumpie



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