-ANT is for … Awkward Necessary Talks

Since I’ve started to bare proof that I’m growing a baby (#bumpie), I figure it is time to talk about it with my boss- and anyone else staring blankly at me like, “is she pregnant or is that a fatty pooch?”. At first, I  planned on chatting with my corporate boss after a meeting we had a couple weeks ago. And I wasn’t sure why, but I was all worked up about telling her (hormones?). For whatever reason, I felt bad that I was pregnant and had just started this job. Like I was leaving them high and dry, and it was bad news to share (I know- I’m ridiculous). But after the meeting, she got swept away in other business and I couldn’t have the talk. Later that day I decided to email her. I’m better with writing things out/down anyway.
Her reply was unexpected. She wasn’t at all offended or upset or mad… she was congratulatory as all hell! After reading her response, I was light as a feather. The made-up guilt weight I had on my shoulders had lifted and all was right in the work world. My office-mate even knows now, and has also been very understanding and kind about it/towards me. It just seems silly now that I ever had a bad thought about sharing such wonderful news.

Women get pregnant all the time, and shouldn’t be treated differently/poorly because of it.

Now, I have yet to talk to my immediate boss about said news, but I think when I come back from winter break with a full-on baby bump, the cat will be out of the bag. I’m hoping she reacts similar to the other boss lady. After all, I do plan on fulfilling most of my scheduled work days (at least through the March), too, so they won’t need a replacement right away or anything.

Other “talks” that aren’t so awkward are sure to be had come Monday! My sister and her bf will be here!!!! I’ve got all their gifts wrapped, the house is semi-clean, the guest room is made up and freshy fresh, and I’ve got a list of to-do’s made out for the week they visit! Oliver is pretty ecstatic about them coming, too! He reminds me every morning how many days there are left til “Woolou”! Christmas will be super special this year. #understatement



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